First wedding of the season at Hilltop

Heath & Kitty were married Saturday at Hilltop Ski Area Chalet surrounded by friends, family and the best wedding party ever! There were many things that didn’t go as planned, like at most weddings, and the couple took it like champs. They rolled with the punches and were determined not to let weather or mishaps impact their special day. True Alaskan spirit right there! We had to move inside because of rain but part way through the ceremony the skies cleared a bit and some sun came shining in on them.

They had many special elements added to their day including a real six pence that the bride’s mother ordered for overseas. How ridiculously sweet is that??






The bridesmaids & groomsmen were so upbeat and helpful when things didn’t go as planned they were amazing. From bringing the archway inside (which was no easy task) to kicking off a competitive game of champagne pong they were the rocks of the party for sure. 🙂 I’m confident these two are going to live happily ever after and I can’t wait for them to see their images. I bet they are basking in their newlywed status & eating Taco bar leftovers as I type because Peppercini’s provided the catering and man did they put on a spread!

Photography – Sugar Six Photography

Flowers – Wedding party

Venue – Hilltop Ski Area Chalet

Catering – Peppercini’s

Desert Bar – Midnight Sun Cakery


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