Eleventh Annual Boudoir Special

My first boudoir session was simply to help a client feel beautiful. Like most of us women she was so hard on herself that she had truly never felt sexy. I convinced her to let me pose and photograph her in a more revealing photo shoot, boudoir. Not only did we have a great time during the photo shoot but when she saw the photos she cried and couldn’t believe she looks so beautiful. Heck I cried seeing her cry. It was such an amazing photo shoot and I knew from that moment on that I’d love boudoir photography!

Why are we so reluctant to see ourselves as sexy and beautiful? Sure it’s a Valentine’s Day special because of the time of year but it’s really a “make you see yourself differently” special. Because you deserve that! I’ve got you and I personally promise you’ll love the images!

January 14th special sold out but I have 2 slots still open for this Sunday 1/28/18. Who’s ready to see themselves in another light? I have two slots still available for this Sunday! Call or text me at 907-317-1433 to book your slot in the special.

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