Why is so much missing from the blog?

A LOT is missing from my blog. I know. 😦  Sadly after months and months working with web people we were not able to recover my blog that was lost about a year ago. 12 years of blogging, beautiful wedding stories, tons of memories, hundreds of blog posts…….all just gone because of an unfortunate turn of events with a web host.  I was devastated and have avoided establishing a new blog again. The thought of starting all over is daunting and a bit overwhelming but you have to start somewhere right?

So….my new blog journey begins. It looks like i’m a newbie but I can assure you that’s not the case. Just a photographer for 14 years who trusted a web guy, who sold his company without notice and dumped people’s lives in the process, trying to rebuild. 😦

Please come back and visit again in the future as I try to get a bit more content. If you’re looking for an old photo session or wedding please visit my website at www.sugarsixphotography.com.  You can also find old content on my Facbook page at http://www.facebook.com/sugarsix  For those visiting for the first time thinking “she hasn’t done much at all” please please visit my website and my Facebook page to see the years of photography work. I’ve been a photographer in Eagle River Alaska for 14 years and although this blog is brand spanking new my business is not! 🙂






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